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About Me

My name is Danny.  I am an attorney by trade but an avid sports fan at heart.  I was born and bred in a small town in New Jersey and despite moving away for college and law school, I am now back  in my home state, living only a few towns from where I grew up.  I am thirty-two years old and just got married to my best friend.

I grew up a New York Yankee fan in the 1980s.  In addition to Don Mattingly, my favorite players were Billy Sample, Mike Pagliarulo, and Dan Pasqua.  The Yankee teams I grew up rooting for were not perennial playoff teams.  The highlight of my youth as a Yankee fan was being at the Stadium for Sam Militello’s first career start and first career victory.  When the strike ended the Yankees season in 1994, I nearly cried.  When the Yanks lost to Seattle in the playoffs the following year, I did.  The Yankees winning the World Series in 1996 was unimaginable.  I remember how upset I was that I couldn’t attend the parade in New York City because I had a high school soccer game.  I thought that 1996 may have been the only chance in my lifetime to see such a spectacle.  I think the majority of the Yankee fans today are spoiled by the success in the late 1990s.

I was upset when the Yankees opened the new ballpark, and I still miss the Old Stadium like crazy.  Someone once asked me what the most beautiful place in the world I had ever visited, to which I responded, “Yankee Stadium.”

The other teams I root for are the New York Jets, New York Rangers, and my Holy Cross Crusaders.  I started this blog in order to have an outlet for my writing.  (I am pretty sure my friends were getting sick of receiving 1,000-word emails about my sport rants.)

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