Monthly Archives: December 2014

December 22

The Ten Players on My Fictional 2015 Hall of Fame Ballot

I do not vote for the Hall of Fame, but if I did, this would be my ballot: The No-Brainers:  This category is reserved for the players who should be on every voter’s ballot.  Most people have two players on this list this year.  I believe a third is also warranted.  Randy Johnson – The […]

December 22

Why Doesn’t Alan Trammell’s Career Get Any Respect?

Leading up to this year’s Hall of Fame voting, there has been a noticeable push from some writers and fans to elect Tim Raines, who is on the ballot for the eighth time.   While I believe that Raines deserves enshrinement, I find it odd that one of his contemporaries, who is quietly on the ballot for the […]

December 11

Instead of Chasing Headley, the Yankees Should Consider Jed Lowrie

At first glance, the free agent third-baseman cupboard certainly appears bare outside of Chase Headley.  But, this is a misperception.  What about the players who can play multiple infield positions? What about Jed? According to Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle, Jed Lowrie has let it be known that he is willing to play second base, […]

December 10

The Two-Year Black Hole at Third Base Should Not Compel the Yankees to Overpay for Chase Headley

Now that Pablo Sandoval has signed with the Red Sox, the free agent market for third basemen looks like this:  Chase Headley and – gigantic step back – everyone else (Juan Francisco, Jack Hannahan, Kelly Johnson, Donnie Murphy, Mark Reynolds).  The teams in need of an upgrade at third base include the Braves, Marlins, Yankees, […]

December 03

Bob Ryan’s Solution to Addressing PED Users and the Hall of Fame is Wrong

Bob Ryan, a very well-regarded columnist for the Boston Globe, wrote an interesting article last week regarding voting for the 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame inductees.  The major thrust of his article – and a point I generally agree with – is that there is no reason for certain players, such as Randy Johnson or […]