Swing and a Miss: Random (Mostly Baseball) Thoughts on a Monday Night

Yesterday, Chien Ming Wang opted out of his minor league contract with the Cincinnati Reds….the Yankees should be the first team he calls (no joking…have you seen the stats for the starters at Scranton-Wilkes Barre?)

Todd Frazier made it to the finals of the home run derby by hitting one home run.  It immediately reminded me of the scene from Antz where Z is the sole survivor after the battle with the Termites.  When he returns to the colony, the crowd is holding up this sign:



The new Derek Jeter commercial gave me chills.  Even though it’s slightly corny and there is no reason for Tiger Woods to be in there, I couldn’t help myself but to get nostalgic.  I think as time elapses, Jeter’s legacy will continue to grow.  We will not see another player as selfless and universally respected as Jeter.  It’s too bad Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour expedition last season has left me so totally jaded and apathetic for Jeter’s farewell season.  There are only so many times I can watch a multi-millionaire get extravagant gifts that will likely just be stockpiled in a spare bedroom.  Considering the fact that Tino Martinez received a plaque and Rivera received a street, what are the Yankees going to give to Jeter at the end of the season?  Half ownership in the team?

Alex Rodriguez is back in the news because he is being sued for failing to pay his attorneys…..zzzzzzzzz.

Chris Berman needs to go from the home run derby.  He was emotionless and without knowledge.  In fact, ESPN’s entire coverage of the derby was listless.  One idea I had was that instead of Berman and Kruk, what if real announcers called the home run derby?  We need announcers who possess actual information and have the ability to tell interesting stories about the players participating.

Why can’t Pete Rose just go away?  On Monday, Pete Rose used the void in actual sporting news created by the All-Star break to continue his pathetic quest to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by appearing on local radio programs.  Having tried many other strategies (mostly involving lying), Rose stated his oft-repeated belief that “If I get a second chance, I’ll be the happiest guy in the world.”   However, this time he  also added a few twists, which included expressing his belief that PED users hurt the game more than he did (because Rose “had nothing to do with altering the statistics of baseball”) and playing the sympathy card (stating that he would eventually get elected to the Hall of Fame,  but that “they’ll probably wait ’til I’m gone like they did with Ron Santo.”   Ignoring the fact that Pete Rose had multiple chances to tell the truth, which he opted to bypass until he attempted gain publicity for his tell-all book, this newest “poor me” strategy is wholly disingenuous and brings to mind Lindsey Bluth attempting to cry:


It’s pretty amazing to think that the Yankees used to have a legitimate farm system.  The current team lacks a blue-chip prospect who can fetch a high-caliber player in a trade.  There is no Matt Drews (used to acquire Cecil Fielder) or Eric Milton (traded for Chuck Knoblauch).   Don’t get me wrong – I am not advocating that the Yankees sell off what few actual prospects they have this season.  I am just making the point that the upper levels of the Yankee farm system are unbelievably barren.  I think there is a legitimate argument that the Mets have a brighter outlook going forward than the Yankees….

Finally, I am just so happy and relieved to know that after all this time, Lebron James was released by his captors and is able to go home.   Hashtag advocacy really works (#freekingjames).