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August 30

2013 Fantasy Football Tiered Rankings

With the regular season set to kick off on September 5th, many fantasy football drafts will take place this weekend.  The preseason games are now over, which means that most of the position battles have shaken out (save for the New York Jets starting quarterback).  Well, at least the fantasy relevant position battles have concluded. […]

August 28

Eight Simple Rules for a Successful Fantasy Football Draft

Here are my eight rules for having a successful fantasy football draft. 1.  Realize you have access to as much information as any of the experts. I read a lot of fantasy articles and analysis on Rotoworld, ESPN, Yahoo, etc.  I do this to educate myself and to obtain different perspectives.  But, in the back […]

August 20

Why are the Yankees Distancing Themselves From Head Team Physician Dr. Ahmad?

Alex Rodriguez’s newly-retained attorney, Joseph Tacopina, has lodged some serious accusations against the New York Yankees and MLB.  In essence, Tacopina has stated screamed that the Yankees and MLB have been conspiring against Rodriguez in order to simultaneously kick him out of baseball and allow the Yankees to avoid paying the four years remaining on […]

August 16

Two Days in August

(Note:  This article was originally published on August 15th as a fan post on Pinstriped Bible.) Doc Watson, who rose to prominence during the folk music revival of the 1960s and is considered one of the most influential bluegrass and country artists of all time, released an album in 1974 entitled Two Days in November. Clocking […]

August 16

Keep Calm and A-Rod On

Yesterday’s New York Post contained an article titled “‘No pressure on me’: A-Rod finds peace on field with Yankees,” in which Kevin Kernan discusses the fact that Alex Rodriguez “is at baseball peace, with himself and his teammates.”  The article details how Rodriguez finally feels relaxed as he no longer feels that he is under […]

August 08

The 2013 Yankees: I Love It When a Plan Doesn’t Come Together

  During the off-season, Brian Cashman did his best Verbal Kint impression, as he was the man with the plan.  Cashman preached patience and continuously stated that the team could contend with the roster as constituted.  The team’s vacancies (at designated hitter, third-base, and catcher) were filled with second-tier free agents (Travis Hafner, Kevin Youkilis) or in-house players (Chris […]

August 01

Random Thoughts After a Yankee Victory

The Yankee-Dodgers game just ended, and it was a terrific win for the Yankees.  The game had the feel like a 1-0 loss, but the Yankees were able to scrape together a few runs in the ninth inning after Clayton Kershaw was removed from the game despite having  thrown only 97 pitches.  While watching the game, I […]