Monthly Archives: July 2013

July 17

Two Quick Thoughts on Leyland’s Decision to Use Mariano Rivera in the Eighth Inning

During last night’s All-Star game, American League manager Jim Leyland called upon Mariano Rivera, the undisputed greatest closer of all time, to pitch the eighth inning.  It was an incredible scene as fans and players (at the game and at home) paid tribute to a truly great baseball player making his last All-Star appearance.  Unfortunately, […]

July 16

Dear Yankee Fans: Stop Trying to Defend Robinson Cano’s Lack of Hustle

There are two undisputed facts about Robinson Cano.  First, he is an amazingly gifted hitter.  Cano is one of the elite offensive players in the game of baseball, and it  is also well-documented that Cano works very hard to perfect his craft. However, there is a second fact about Cano that the Yankee organization and some […]

July 03

Keeping Russell Martin Would Not Have Solved the Problem That is the 2013 Yankee Offense

With the well-documented ineffectiveness of the Yankee offense, many fans have been vociferously lamenting the fact that Russell Martin was not re-signed this offseason.  The party line is that the Yankees failed to re-sign Martin because either Brian Cashman was inept or the Steinbrenner boys were too tight-fisted.  Either way, the proposition being set forth […]