Thanks for the Great Information ESPN


After Manny Machado hit his 38th double of the season tonight, Elias and the Bristol boys put together this gem for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast crew to analyze:  the most doubles in a season by a player during his age-20 or younger season.  Clearly, Machado (who turns 21 in 6 days) is well on his way to topping this list.

This stat is ridiculous, obviously.  But, what was more ridiculous was Orel Hershiser‘s comment after this graphic was posted.  Hershisher noted how much Machado idolized Alex Rodriguez as a youngster and surmised that breaking “Alex’s record” would mean the world to young Machado.

Umm…this is not a record.  This is an excuse for ESPN to put up a graphic on its broadcast.  And, I guarantee you that Machado has no idea who hit the most doubles during his “age 20 or younger” season in the majors.

This is just another example of ESPN refusing to let the game breathe.  ESPN thinks that everything that happens during a game needs to be justified by attaching some ridiculous stat to it.  A great play can’t just be great, it has to be historic.  In this case, it’s as though ESPN doesn’t think the average fans understand that Machado is having a great season, so they have to oversell it by creating stats and graphics like this one.

Machado is one of the brightest and most exciting young stars in the game and, in fact, he is on pace to break the record for most doubles in a season (he is 29 away), which would be an historic season.   I just wish ESPN would stop insulting us with these terrible “infographics.”