Monthly Archives: March 2013

March 16

There is a Difference Between Impassioned Play and Showboating

Yesterday, Emma Span1 posted an article on Sports on Earth entitled “Style Points,” which addressed the recent criticism lobbed at the Dominican Republic’s World Baseball Classic team. 1  If you are a Yankee fan and have not read her book 90% of the Game is Half Mental, you are sorely missing out.  The book is a […]

March 13

ESPN SportsCenter: Always Keeping the Fans Informed

This picture encapsulates everything that is wrong about ESPN’s SportsCenter right now: Rather than discussing actual sports news, SportsCenter provided a freaking bar graph illustrating the number of tweets sent by one of its reporters.  In other words, instead of reporting about the beginning of NFL free agency, ESPN chose to report about its reporter who […]

March 06

Holy Cross is Number 1 in College Basketball

In honor of Gonzaga being ranked as the top college basketball team in the AP Top 25, Sports Illustrated’s blog Extra Mustard provided a list of the twenty smallest schools ever to be ranked number 1 in the AP poll.  Although I generally detest lists of any sort, I feel obligated to link to the article […]

March 06

Johnny Damon: No Longer Just an Idiot, Now Also Pathetic

While a member of the Red Sox in 2004, Johnny Damon famously referred to himself as an “idiot,” and since that time, he has seemingly done everything in his power to substantiate his claim.   Last week, however, Damon proved that he is much more than a mere idiot; he’s also pathetic. In the wake of […]